The Cost of Your Stuff Adds Up.

Get a renters policy for the price of a few cups of coffee.

How Much Would It Cost to Replace All Your Stuff?

Whether running errands, traveling for work or relaxing at home, gain peace of mind knowing that your stuff is covered should the unexpected happen.

Enter how much your belongings are worth and we’ll help you estimate how much it would cost to replace them and what it would cost to cover it all with renters insurance.


How much jewelry do you own? Add up everything from watches and an engagement ring to antique jewelry and diamond earrings. Keep in mind, if the total value of your jewelry is more than the jewelry limit on your policy it’s a good idea to add additional coverage.


Add up what your electronics are worth. Think TVs, computers, gaming systems, stereos, guitar amps and more. Your renters insurance helps protect them from things like damage and theft — even when you're on the go!


From your winter jacket to your favorite pair of leather boots, the cost of all your clothes adds up to more than you think. How much would it cost to replace all the clothing in your closet if they were damaged from something like smoke or fire?


Whether it’s a hand-me-down futon or a leather couch you invested in, if the furniture in your home was damaged or destroyed, would you be able to replace it all out of pocket? Your bed set, dresser, couches, recliners, desk — how much would it cost to replace everything?

Other Assets

What else do you own? Consider things like a bicycle, appliances, artwork, record collection, books, musical instruments, collectibles — anything you’d want covered if it was damaged or destroyed by an unexpected event.

You would need to replace
worth of stuff
You would need to replace
worth of stuff
Renters in your state pay
on average for insurance*
*The estimated monthly payment shown is an average of what renters pay in your area. Your actual premium will be based on your coverage limits.
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Do You Have Enough Saved to Cover the Unexpected?

Consider the value of everything you own — it’s more than you think! If your place caught fire and your things were damaged or destroyed, could you afford to replace it all out of pocket? As a renter, you have more important things to save for than the unexpected.

Protect your stuff for the price of a few cups of coffee a month with renters insurance. It’s a simple, affordable way to protect the things you work so hard for.

Protection That Follows You

Did you know renters insurance covers you on the go? So whether you’re working at a coffee shop or flying to the other side of the country, your stuff is protected.

Access on the Go

Access everything you need to know about your coverage, make payments, report a claim and have your insurance cards at your fingertips with the MyAmFam app.

Customize Your Coverage

Do you own valuable belongings like jewelry or a record collection? You can make sure they’re properly covered by customizing your coverage to fit your unique needs.

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