5 Eco-Friendly Habits to Start Today

Expert advice from sustainability analyst, Halie Tenor

Dream of reducing your footprint in your daily life? Going green certainly doesn’t happen overnight, but your small steps will add up. It’s all about making better choices — and our resident sustainability expert has some ideas that might help you get started.

According to Halie, building consistent habits is the key to success. So she’s challenged herself with practicing a new habit every month over the course of a year, with the goal being to adopt 12 new routines that she can get comfortable with over time. But, rest assured, you don’t need to tackle 12 new habits right away. In fact, if you’re a novice, perhaps it’s best to start with just a few. Watch this video to learn about her top five eco-friendly habits you can try today! And be on your way to a greener lifestyle in no time.

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