Sustaining Our Environment

At American Family Insurance, we recognize our connection to the natural environment and are dedicated to minimizing our operational impact. We understand that our dreams are dependent on the responsible use of natural resources — which is why we’re committed to ensuring future generations have an equal opportunity to experience the world in all its awe and wonder. We’ve acknowledged the very real impacts of climate change and its effect on our customers, company and communities today. And we believe it is our responsibility to address these impacts directly.

Kari Grasee

Vice President, Business and Workplace Services

At American Family, we consider our climate impacts in all we do and we’re committed to addressing these challenges directly. Whether waste, water, land or energy, we’ll continue to push forward our sustainability efforts — protecting the environment for now and future generations.

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Design Matters

Workplace design matters at American Family. We intentionally design our offices and work spaces to enhance the well-being of our employees and to reflect our sustainability values. In 2018, we applied for LEED v4.0 certification for our newest building in Madison, Spark, and we advanced our LEED v3.0 progress on our remodeled East Regional Building, also in Madison. Both of these initiatives have demonstrated our commitment to growing our portfolio of LEED-registered and certified projects.

In moving forward with these and similar projects, we’re continuously incorporating advanced and sustainable building techniques while also examining our sourcing for finishes and furnishings. In all construction and remodel projects, American Family looks to reduce pollutants, recycle and repurpose older furnishings and incorporate energy-saving design.

Making Changes to Reduce Our Impact on the Environment

American Family sees energy management and conservation as keys to protecting tomorrow’s dreams. Conserving energy and utilizing renewable energy reaffirms our commitment to the environment while also reducing our operating costs, saving resources to better meet the needs of our customers.

Learn more about this work at American Family in our 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report >


Utilizing Solar Energy

A combined 4,938 solar panels were installed across two locations in 2017 to reduce our building’s electrical usage.

Preserving Our Landscape

With 22 acres of restored and preserved natural landscapes and 10 more planned to be added, we've created a beautiful habitat for our area’s native species.

Saving Water

Changes to our water cooling systems in 2017 saves us 1.5 million gallons per year.

Additional Environmental Initiatives

The Spark Building

In 2018, American Family made significant progress on our newest facility — The Spark. The nine-story building on East Washington Avenue is part of American Family’s commitment to making our communities better, by providing entrepreneurs space to innovate, collaborate and expand their ideas. American Family will pursue LEED v4.0 certification for the building.

“Spark is not just a building, it’s a catalyst to develop new ideas and successful entrepreneurs as well as fuel socially impactful businesses.”

- Peter Gunder

Chief Business Development Officer

Zero Waste Future

Our Dream of a Zero-waste Future means American Family is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by reducing the amount of waste we produce, while increasing the amount of waste recycled and composted. Achieving a 90 percent waste-diversion rate is the centerpiece of our Dream of a Zero-waste Future.

American Family prints almost everything in-house, recycles organics at our headquarters and have invested in expansion of recycling stations and employee education.

Landscape Management

Set in a beautiful area of Madison, our National Headquarters is also home to native prairie thanks to a pioneering program to return the land to its natural state. This area includes 22 acres of restored habitat, with 10 more acres planned to become home to a variety of native Wisconsin species.

Water Management

American Family has achieved a 20 percent reduction in water usage. Retrofitting a condenser water-cooling system allows us to use soft water in the cooling tower system at our National Headquarters.

This change saves four million gallons of water a year by reducing the mineral content in the water. Previously, American Family used hard water as part of the cooling process, at an average of 10 million gallons of water annually. We have since implemented this solution at several of our other regional offices, with similar success. Additionally, we tied our water-cooled ice machines, refrigerators and freezers into the existing chilled water loop used to cool the facility. This change saves around 1.5 million gallons of water annually.