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Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

When you have the right auto coverage, you gain a sense of security knowing you’re taking the right steps to protect your finances in the event of the unexpected. Let’s take a look at how bodily injury liability coverage is one way to insure you’re protecting what matters most.

What is Bodily Injury Liability Coverage?

If you’re responsible for a car accident, bodily injury liability coverage helps cover costs associated with injuries to your passengers, the driver and passengers of the other vehicle. It also can help pay for injury to pedestrians and bystanders who may have been involved.

We can’t prevent an accident, but we can help you recover. Bodily injury liability coverage gives you the financial ability to help cover the often expensive cost to help someone heal and get their feet back on the ground. It’s all about the peace of mind that you can recover, or help someone else recover, without suffering a huge financial setback.

What Does Bodily Injury Liability Cover?

If you’ve caused a car accident, your bodily injury liability coverage helps cover short-term and long-term costs related to injuries others may have sustained in the accident. Some examples include:

Medical expenses. Helps cover costs like emergency care, hospital charges, follow-up visits, as well as medical equipment costs (e.g. wheel chairs, crutches).

Pain and suffering. If the injured person experiences long-lasting physical pain or emotional suffering, bodily injury liability coverage may help pay to compensate the victim.

Lost wages. If the injured person isn’t able to work due to the injuries sustained in the accident, bodily injury liability helps cover their lost wages during this time period.

Legal fees. Perhaps the party files a lawsuit against you — do you have the money to cover legal expenses? This coverage will help pay for potential legal fees.

Funeral costs. If the accident is fatal, bodily injury liability will help cover funeral costs.

Want to Know More About Coverages?

Collision insurance. Collision insurance helps pay to repair or replace your vehicle if you’re involved in an accident with another vehicle or if you hit an object, like a tree or pole.

Comprehensive coverage. Think storm damage, hail, falling objects, even theft and vandalism. Lenders, whether you have a car loan or are leasing, will require you to have both collision and comprehensive coverage.

Medical expense coverage. Similar to bodily injury liability in that it helps pay for medical costs incurred in an auto accident, but medical expense coverage pays regardless of who is at-fault in an accident, whereas bodily injury covers you only if you’re at-fault.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. These separate but similar coverages help you out in the event you’re hit by a driver who is uninsured (has no auto insurance) or is underinsured (has some auto insurance, but not enough).

You can check out our auto insurance comparison guide to help you understand how customizing your auto insurance policy with the right coverages can protect you mile after mile.

Now that you know the importance of bodily injury liability coverage, talk with your American Family Insurance agent about customizing your auto insurance policy to include just the right coverage to keep you protected on the road.