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Teen Safe Driver

Teen Safe Driver Program

Helping your teen master safe driving habits just got easier with the Teen Safe Driver program. Our smartphone app powered by TrueMotion monitors distracted driving and other risky behaviors — helping your teen learn how to drive safer and smarter.

How does the Teen Safe Driver program work? The TrueMotion app scores each trip your teen takes, so they can watch for areas that need improvement in real time. They’ll also have fun challenging themselves and watching their scores tick upwards as their driving improves.

And as the parent, you’ll have the app on your smartphone, too. That way, you can track your teen’s progress and also keep an eye on their whereabouts while they’re behind the wheel. To top it off, you can earn a 10% car insurance discount* after your teen completes 3,000 miles or one year in the program.

*Certain restrictions may apply, and the discount may vary or not apply to all coverage on a policy. Please talk to your agent for details.


  1. This innovative program provides parents with an effective way to help their teens master safer driving habits that can last a lifetime. Our special app powered by TrueMotion effectively reduces distracted driving along with other risky behaviors that are common among teenagers. The app scores each ride and makes it clear where your teen can improve, while making it fun to challenge themselves to achieve higher scores. After your teen completes 3,000 miles or one year in the program, you’ll get a 10% discount* on your car insurance. Nice!
  2. Nothing. The Teen Safe Driver Program is completely free for American Family auto insurance customers. However, cell phone data charges may apply.
  3. Put simply, your rates won’t be affected.
  4. Once your teen reaches the goal of completing 3,000 miles or driving for one year in the Teen Safe Driver program, your discount of 10%* will be applied to your policy.
  5. Definitely! You’ll get a 10%* discount after your teen completes 3,000 miles or one year in the program, whichever comes first.
  6. In a word: "Automagically." You never need to start, stop, open, or close your app to accurately capture your driving. So just let it ride ...

    To be a bit more scientific, the app is "sleeping" in the background waiting for driving-like behavior (it does this to minimize data and battery consumption when you're not driving). When it sees movement that looks like driving (e.g. speed, location), the app begins recording. The data from each trip is processed so that we can show you things like the route you took, the distance and time you drove, and scores on things like Distracted Driving, High Speed, Hard Braking and Time of Day.

  7. The app is pretty smart! It uses cutting-edge technology that analyzes many aspects of your driving and behavior to identify whether you are a driver in a car, a passenger in a car, or traveling via some other mode of transit. On occasion, the app may misclassify a trip. When this happens, you can tap on the trip, and edit the mode by tapping the transit mode icon in the top right. This information helps the app better classify future trips.
  8. Data is stored in encrypted formats in TrueMotion’s data centers, so your privacy will be protected.
  9. You’ll need a smartphone that has an iOS (Apple) or Android operating system. Apple requirements: iOS 10.0 or later; Android requirements: Android 5.1 and up. The phone must also include specific sensor types, including GPS, an accelerometer and a gyroscope. On average, the app uses 60-70 megabytes of data per month, though this varies depending on the actual driving time. The app prefers to upload from Wi-Fi networks when possible, and will only upload via the cellular data when Wi-Fi is not available for an extended period after a trip finishes.

Get to Know Teen Safe Driver Program

Once your teen drives 3,000 miles in the program or participates in the program for one year — whichever comes first — you’ll earn a discount of 10%* on your policy.

As a parent, it’s in your DNA to worry about your teen — especially when they’re behind the wheel. The Teen Safe Driver program offers a number of ways to give you peace of mind when your young driver hits the road. Here are a few benefits of the program:

  • The app scores each trip for driving distractions, speeding and more, so your teen can improve their driving and score.
  • The app shares your teen’s progress and whereabouts while they’re driving.
  • The app monitors distracted driving and other risky behaviors, which helps correct bad habits before they start.
  • Teen Safe Driver is available for ages 15 to 17, depending on your state.
  • You’ll need a smartphone that has an iOS (Apple) or Android operating system. Apple requirements: iOS 10.0 or later; Android requirements: Android 5.1 and up.

Signing up for Teen Safe Driver is simple and quick. Just contact your agent to get started. Once you sign up, both you and your teen will download the TrueMotion app on your smartphones — then hand over the keys so you can begin tracking their progress!

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Have the Camera-Based Version of Teen Safe Driver?

As of November 2017, we are phasing out the original Teen Safe Driver program involving in-car camera technology, although participants will still qualify for discounts upon completion of the program, and can log in here. For questions, call (866) 614-3149, or email support@teensafedriver.com.

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