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farm ranch umbrella liability

Protect Your American Dream with Farm/Ranch Umbrella Liability Insurance

Farming and ranching are more than a business — they’re a way of life unlike any other. There’s nothing like being outdoors, working hard and sweating a little, and putting in a good day’s work. You’re living the American Dream, contributing life-sustaining crops and livestock to our society.

Farm life has its risks, too. Just one accident or unfortunate event could impact your land, equipment and livelihood. But you can take smart steps to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build with American Family Insurance Farm/Ranch Umbrella Liability insurance. It gives you an extra layer of liability protection on top of your primary farm/ranch policy’s liability limits, so you can dream fearlessly about that next harvest.

Curious how a farm/ranch liability umbrella policy could add to your peace of mind? Your agent is the perfect person to talk to.

How Does a Farm/Ranch Umbrella Liability Policy Work?

Here’s a scenario: an animal on your farm strays and causes a multi-vehicle pileup, and you’re left with several lawsuits, medical costs and legal bills amounting to $4 million.

Fortunately, you’re already a proactive protector, and have an American Family farm/ranch insurance policy with liability limits up to $1 million. You also were savvy enough to get an American Family farm/ranch umbrella policy with liability coverage up to $5 million. Your primary farm/ranch policy would cover the first $1 million, while your farm/ranch umbrella policy would cover the remaining $3 million.

Want to protect your future with a farm/ranch umbrella policy? As long as you have a primary farm/ranch policy with American Family, you’re ready to take the next steps — talk to your agent today!

What Does Farm/Ranch Umbrella Liability Insurance Cover?

American Family Farm/Ranch Umbrella Liability insurance can be custom-built just for your farm, allowing you to select liability limits in million-dollar increments, from $1 million to $10 million or more.

You, your farm or ranch, your employees and anyone named on your policy will be protected by our farm/ranch umbrella insurance. Our policies will cover liabilities for physical injuries to others, damage to others’ property, and situations when you’re liable for violating someone’s privacy or defaming their character. Farm/ranch umbrella policies also cover injuries to others and damages to other property that you’ve caused if you’re using a boat that’s not your own, as well as accidents that may happen when you rent cars in other countries.

For more information view all umbrella FAQs. Make a smart move today to protect your land, your equipment and all that’s yours. Your agent can help add farm/ranch umbrella liability insurance to your policy!