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RV Insurance

Your RV is your home away from home, so shouldn’t your RV insurance protect it like one? We think so.

At American Family Insurance, we go beyond just protecting your camper or motorhome — we protect your sense of adventure too. And our recreational vehicle insurance is designed to do just that. Hit the road with smart coverage and confidence knowing you have the support of your very own American Family Insurance agent — no matter how far from home your dreams take you. Connect with your agent today.

RV Insurance Coverage That’s With You Every Mile

Hitting the open road offers endless possibilities, however, accidents happen, and if you’re in an accident with your RV — from Type A, B and C motorhomes, to towable travel trailers, folding camping trailers and more — we’ve got you covered.

Liability protection. Helps protect you and other drivers of your motorhome if you or they are at fault in an accident. This coverage helps pay expenses associated with injuries, property damage, first aid and court costs — so you can focus on the road and not your wallet.

Medical expense. Helps protect you and others in the vehicle by paying for medical expenses due to an accident-related bodily injury, regardless of who is at fault.

Comprehensive coverage. Provides protection for accidental loss or damage (not caused by a collision) to your camper or motorhome from most causes, including fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects, hail damage and others.

Collision coverage. Helps protect you against loss or damage to your camper or motorhome caused by a collision, either with another vehicle or a stationary object, or rollover — whether or not you are at fault.

Personal property coverage. Provides coverage for the loss of covered personal property contained in, attached to or being used in connection with your camper or motorhome (within 25 feet). Coverage up to $500 is included, but additional coverage amount may also be purchased.

Customization coverage. Helps protect the additional equipment, devices, accessories and/or enhancements added to your camper or motorhome. Coverage up to $1,000 is included with an option to increase up to $50,000.

Limited pet coverage. There’s no companion on the open road like the family pet, and that’s why it’s important they’re also covered in the case of an accident. Our limited pet coverage provides coverage for your cat or dog if they’re in your camper or motorhome during an accident or involved in another covered loss. This includes if the pet is stolen with the covered vehicle. Our coverage pays up to $1,000, regardless of the number of pets, and covers veterinary care and burial or disposal costs.

Vacation Expense Allowance If you’re on vacation and your motorhome or camper is destroyed, our vacation expense coverage will help cover lodging costs, so your adventure can continue without a hitch. This coverage provides up to $200 for lodging costs.

Additional Coverages

When life’s journey takes you on unexpected twists and turns, these add-on RV coverages can help keep your dreams in motion.

Uninsured motorist coverage. This protects you if you or anyone riding in your RV is hurt in an accident that was caused by an uninsured vehicle, or a hit-and-run driver.*

Underinsured motorist coverage This helps pay for the balance of bodily injury damages when another driver is at fault and doesn’t carry enough insurance.*

Emergency Roadside Service

Did your motorhome break down? Got a flat tire? Have a dead battery? With this inexpensive coverage, all it takes is a call to 1-800-MYAMFAM (692-6326) anywhere, anytime, to get help and get back on the road.*

Have Questions?

No two RVs are alike, which is why building an RV policy to fit your unique lifestyle is so important. And we’re here to help! If you’ve still got questions, see our RV FAQs, study up on the variety of RV insurance discounts we offer and learn more about why people choose American Family.

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When you’re ready to get an RV insurance quote, an American Family Insurance agent near you is happy to help you choose exactly what policy and price is right for your unique lifestyle. Connect with yours today and get your RV the custom protection it deserves.

*For campers, these coverages may extend from the towing vehicle's policy. Check your towing vehicle's policy for exact details, coverages, and exclusions, or better yet, let your agent get the answer for you.