water damage cleanup

Emergency Water Removal Program

Water Damage Cleanup, Repair and Restoration

From a broken water heater to an overflowing sink, water damage can happen when you least expect it. But you don’t have to let the problem get the best of you. At American Family Insurance, our Emergency Water Removal Program (EWRP) is available to help you recover from water damage in your home quickly, conveniently and with as little stress as possible.

Although you always have a choice of who mitigates your water damage, we partner with three preferred vendors to provide prompt response to your water damage claim:

And, because we care about quality, our partnered vendors are fully insured, complete criminal background checks on all of their employees, are required to follow all Federal, State and Local statutes, and make sure the vehicles and employees are properly identified.

Through the program, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a two-year workmanship warranty. The protection covered by the program includes issues that could potentially exist during and after the dry-out process. Keep in mind, while you have the liberty to select a contractor of your choice, if you choose to use someone outside our three partners, you won’t earn the benefits offered by the EWRP program.

Selecting a preferred vendor through a referral made by the EWRP is designed to make things easy and convenient for you, so you can get your home back to normal as quickly as possible. You’ll receive outstanding service from the contractor no matter which vendor you choose, and under most circumstances, they’ll be at your doorstep within four hours of your call — 24/7/365.

Why Do You Need an Emergency Water Removal Program?

Every minute counts when water damage strikes. Whether it’s water spewing from a broken water pipe, washing machine hose or refrigerator line, cleanup can be a challenge and you want it done quickly and correctly. Water soaks into flooring, drywall, cabinetry and framing within minutes, potentially causing swelling and water damage to wood/laminate floors, cabinets, sheetrock, insulation and other structural materials. When buildings aren’t dried timely and properly, mold begins to grow.

The earlier you begin the mitigation process, the less likely it is that additional damage will occur to your property. Our Emergency Water Removal Program vendors focus on drying affected structural components in place as opposed to demolition — meaning less damage, lower reconstruction costs and generally a shorter period of time necessary to get your home back to pre-loss condition.

Our preferred contractors are your advocates. They have a common goal to provide a rapid and efficient removal of water problems you might encounter in your home.

  • Contractors are held to current industry drying standards.
  • All affected materials are returned to pre-loss conditions.
  • Claim file documentation is detailed for any possible future issues.
  • Information obtained includes photos, moisture readings, work authorizations, floor plan with measurements, etc.
  • The vendors will create the best plan to dry out the home in the fastest, most efficient and least disruptive manner possible.

Which Types of Water Losses are Covered Under Your Policy?

The EWRP mitigates the below types of incidents by helping get rid of the water before it turns into a larger, more costly issue. You’ll want to make sure you understand how costs associated with losses like these may be covered by your insurance policy or might need additional optional coverage for protection.

Some of the most common water losses include:

  • Ruptured water heater
  • Ruptured, broken or frozen water pipes
  • Tub/toilet/sink overflow
  • Washing machine hose breaks
  • Water line to the refrigerator icemaker leaks or ruptures
  • Dishwasher overflow or broken water line
  • HVAC/Plumbing/AC drains leaks

Typically, losses that are not covered under your policy, unless you add specific coverage for them, include:

  • Floods
  • Surface water
  • Continuous or repeated seepage
  • Sewer or sump pump backup (unless you buy a special endorsement)

When it comes to insurance, water losses can get a bit messy. That’s why choosing to work with an insurance expert is such a smart idea. Your agent will help you evaluate your policy — such as what’s included and what additional coverages you should consider — so you’ll have the customized protection that fits you and your family’s needs.

Remember that the EWRP program is not flood insurance and won’t offer any insurance in the event damage is caused to your home as a result of a flood. Learn more about flood insurance to find out how to stay protected from this kind of event.

Looking for a Contractor to Complete Structural Repairs?

We’ve got your back. If you consult with your property adjuster, they’ll help assist you in finding preferred contractors in your area.

Is There a Fee for the Emergency Water Removal Program?

Nope! At American Family, we’re committed to going above and beyond to help you and your family get your life back to normal as quickly as possible, that’s why we include the program as a benefit under your policy coverage. You’ll only be responsible to pay your deductible for a covered loss and your adjuster will provide direction on what portion of your damages the deductible will be applied.

Another benefit of using one of our EWRP vendors is that American Family will pay the vendor/contractor directly — making the process easier on you.

How to Prevent Water Damage

Our emergency water removal service is great to have if you ever face water damage, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent potential water losses from occurring in the first place? That’s where mitigation devices like a smart home water leak sensor come in handy.

A water leak sensor detects water leaks before the problem causes too much damage. It’ll alert you if something is amiss with, for example, your kitchen sink, washing machine, refrigerator or dishwasher. And a smart water sensor is designed to connect with your smartphone, so no matter where you are, you’ll be notified and able to take action to prevent costly damage from occurring.

Check out the Frontpoint Home Security water leak detector to learn how you can proactively protect your home from water damage.

How to Submit a Claim

If there comes a time when you have to submit a claim, call our 24-hour claim reporting number at 1-800-MYAMFAM (692-6326). Our trusted claims professionals work with people like you every single day — so they know exactly what to do to make your experience as convenient and reassuring as possible.

Have questions about your claim? Go ahead and contact your assigned property adjuster, or contact us by phone, email or live chat and have your claim number on hand. We’re happy to help.